IRSA Darya Logistics Shipping is a shipping and logistics company which is able to provide the diversified services in Sea/Air/Road/Rail and multimodal transportation with the best experienced team in logistics engineering in world wide level.

Our main services
  • Logistics engineering

    Logistics engineering is usually a field of engineering specializing in the scientific organization on the purchase, transport, safe-keeping, distribution, and warehousing associated with materials and complete goods. Logistics engineering generally deals with the effective use of engineering methods to resolve logistics problems.

    Logistics is a center service exercise, but provides benefit via improved efficiency and client satisfaction. The end customer can include another process or perhaps work center within the manufacturing facility, a warehouse exactly where items are stocked or the ultimate customer who will use the product.

  • Sea Freight

    We can offer best container rates and services world wide with our potentials in important hubs like as Jebel Ali , Mersin , Bandarabbas & ….

    We have following countries in our activity history: Brazil , Chile , Canada , Croatia , Italy , Poland , Romania , Bulgaria , China , South Africa , Tanzania , Kenya , Namibia Egypt Nigeria , Algeria , Libya , Australia Thailand, Taiwan , Singapore , Malaysia South Korea , England &…

  • Road transportation

    We have good international land transportation experiences in many countries such as:

    Iraq , Turkey, Azerbaijan , Uzbekistan, Poland , Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine , Kosovo, Bosnia, Hungary, Lithuania , Spain &…

  • Rail transportation

    We have best Railroad services for Turkey, CIS countries & ….

  • Air Freight

    We will provide you best air cargo services from-to Iran…

  • Container Operation

    We are specialist in container engineering operations by our experienced team in Bandarabbas , Assaluyeh , lengeh , Dubai , Mersin & ….

  • Warehousing & Distribution

    We can store & distribute your goods in world wide special warehouses with the best quality and costs……

  • DG Cargo Transportation

    We had good experiences and we’re interested to transport all your dg cargoes …

    ……Feel free to leave your dangerous goods with us……….

  • Oversize & Heavy lift cargo

    We had many successful Heavy & Oversize projects in fields of petrochemical constructions and oil , gas industry & ……

About Us


Irsa Darya Logistics shipping is more than other sectors of the industry

In the present world, different industries, whether manufacturing or services in their supply chain, require international logistics services (transportation etc.). (And the average logistics costs are 20% of the cost of the shipment, the necessity of effective measures to increase the effectiveness of the main logistics indicators such as cost, time, quality of services to achieve customer satisfaction is felt more than the marketing units of the companies to check the target market and the feasibility of presence in the export markets requires a correct estimate of the costs of sending the cargo in the destination countries of the sales, production companies that need raw materials or Components and equipment to advance production and prevent stopping their lines should be able to carry and transport costs as well as transit time to receive their requirements based on the time of ordering the goods To have different parts of the world and to plan their production and sales in the case of companies that are at the stage of birth and the beginning of their activities, the need to have a proper understanding of how to design the flow of materials and transportation system in such a way that it is responsive Current needs and development plans are of particular importance, with the establishment of a transportation engineering system in four categories of each collection, the effectiveness of logistics operations in the process of supplying - import and sales - export institutionalized the task of the engineering process of transporting logistic flow design to reduce the time and cost and increase the quality of services according to the type of goods, origin, destination, load volume, cargo value, packaging type, etc. Irsa Darya Logistics Shipping Company is backed by more than 20 years of experience of its specialists in various fields such as automobiles, home appliances, foald, petrochemical, etc. With a different view than other logistics companies, it is available to its customers to provide transportation engineering services, which includes a wide range of services from packaging design to delivery of goods to consumers, and we are proud to have experiences of distributing Capillary Exports of Iranian Products to more than 100 locations around the world in various industries such as petrochemicals and oil derivatives.

To the producers and issuers of our dear homeland. Providing special logistical services with the backing of valuable experiences of many years of service and 24-hour response to customers creates a distinction of the company


Customer satisfaction

Irsa Darya Logistics shipping is more than other sectors of the industry

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